MELOVIN spoke about the first sexual experience at 23

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MELOVIN spoke about the first sexual experience at 23

The singer spoke frankly about his personal.

Ukrainian performer MELOVIN in the video diary & # 171; Dancing with the Stars & # 187; shared his secret, which he had never told before. In 2020, when he was 23, he had his first sex. True, he did not confess with whom, reports with reference to Channel 24.

Despite the wild popularity among Ukrainian stars and an army of female fans, MELOVIN was in no hurry to have sex. Having been on the stage for several years, he decided on intimacy only in 2020.

An evening of Latin is an evening without taboo. So I decided to tell you what I haven’t told yet. I had my first sex in 2020 when I was 23 years old. There are such! With anyone – I didn't want to, I don't like an open relationship just for the sake of sex. I felt love, and these are completely different things: when you do not complex, when you trust your partner,
– said MELOVIN.

What is known about the singer's orientation

  • It is worth adding that this year the artist became the star of social networks and the Atlas Weekend festival, because he came out there – the man admitted that he bisexual.
  • The singer admitted that he first fell in love with a guy at the age of 13. They met online, where they texted frequently.
  • He also recently admitted that he had been in a relationship with a guy for six years. But now they are no longer together: the reason for the separation was a crisis in the relationship.
  • The artist's parents calmly accepted his confession, although they were worried about the reaction of relatives and friends.
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