Mehdi Bousaidan is ready

Mehdi Bousaidan 
est prêt

Everything was brand new, Thursday evening, at Alma, while the humorist Mehdi Bousaidan was visiting to present his first solo show in running-in a Box of Blueberries freshly renovated. The label, run-in, contiguous to 90 minutes of material presented, there was nothing pejorative. A small mention, which has just added to the relaxed atmosphere that one expects from this type of laboratory humorous.

This is the third of its long journey, see marathon, 90 shows break-in, the comic is very popular with young stopped at Alma. The Box of Blueberries, which is, since recently, of a capacity of 300 seats, was filled almost to its maximum capacity for the occasion.

In less than two hours, Mehdi Bousaidan key to everything. The evening started well simply by offering a critique of the various fast food chains, and the phenomenon of the canteens in the side of the road ends in another register.

Everything is possible for one who has graduated from the national School of humour in 2013. The stories are well told, even when they involve weapons, and a team of S. W. A. T. rhythm is the appointment and effective, enough to be tired of laughing. And the few improvised moments, including several interventions with the public, confirm the ease on the stage of the comedian in the mid-twenties. When asked about his last travel, the public will have responded to the Gaspé peninsula, Montreal and Colorado, that state recognized, for the legalisation of cannabis. A characteristic caught up in the bond by the artist.

The laughs are waiting for you even during a number featuring the killing of american and the crazy idea the president of the United States Donald Trump to give weapons to teachers. And it shall come to pass even to move us and to take us to the trap with the number of the prisoner.

Force is to admit that the humour of Mehdi Bousaidan is young. The references to Drake, the movie Mom I missed the plane, the second, and the singer Stromae confirm this. The public present in the room confirms it also. Because the fans of the star’s emission-Med and G-Code presented in Vrak are relatively numerous. Enough to have, by the time, the mad desire of their ears ! Because in this show, the jokes the most obscene mix easily a humor more intelligent.

Moreover, several young people responded to the invitation of the comedian who offered a time to chat and take pictures after the show. Time of fallen forces, the old milléniale that I am not able to stay.

Hard to imagine that the artist will remove jokes or segments of this show in order to achieve a finished product that will be presented in the spring of 2019 to Montreal. The hundreds of spectators present, on Thursday evening, confirmed that the final objective was almost reached.

Mehdi Bousaidan has confirmed two things : first, that the first 30 shows of break-in have done their work. And the younger generation stand-up comedian raises his hand to grab a microphone and burst on to the scene.

Last chance

The Jeannois are pampered while Mehdi Bousaidan will be there for a second evening, Friday, at the Old Convent of Saint-Prime. Also, a few tickets are still available for this last show planned in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

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