Meghan Markle surprised appearance: “too cheap”

Меган Маркл удивила внешним видом:  "слишком дешево"

At an event in Westminster Abbey pregnant Duchess of Sussex has saved money on its way

Outfits, Meghan Markle, where she appears at public meetings and at official events, fans of the Royal family “dismantle” literally on a thread. The Network will immediately appear the names of the brands whose clothes the wife of Prince Harry to replenish your wardrobe, as well as the cost of each of her dresses, coats or hats.

For the most part the outfits of the pregnant Duchess of Sussex cost the crown large sums to thousands of pounds, but recently it has slightly changed this tradition. The photo with the recent service in Westminster Abbey held on the occasion of the Day of the British Commonwealth of Nations, fans could see Markle cheap tights brand Marks & Spencer.

Меган Маркл удивила внешним видом:  "слишком дешево"

Thin tights are only £ 6, the equivalent of about 215 USD. Interestingly, lighting another output of the Duchess in the light of The Sun with reference to information informed sources said the unpleasant incident. Supposedly haughty Duchess didn’t want to wear too cheap tights, called them “trash” and demanded to provide her with other, already over 35 pounds.

Later this post was deleted, and on the website of the newspaper there was a short explanation. It turned out, the insiders at Kensington Palace initially refused to comment on speculation about the behavior of the Duchess, but then said that actually she — “secret admirer” tights Marks & Spencer.

Меган Маркл удивила внешним видом:  "слишком дешево"

As previously reported, Meghan Markle went on a holiday, at the same time, Prince Harry was finally able to exhale and relax. Rumor has it that Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex have gone in the official maternity leave. Although Kensington Palace statements on this issue were not released.

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Perhaps the Duchess just tired after the last few days have been very intense and so today, Prince Harry attended the event solo.

According to TSN, the Duke of Sussex attended the conference for the study of mental health of veterans in king’s College, London. Harry was joyful, sincere smile, although many fans of the pair noticed that in the presence of his wife, he is always more restrained emotions.

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As reported Politeka, granddaughter of Elizabeth II caught with a lover.

Also Politeka reported that Meghan Markle shook all violently expensive outfit.

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