Meghan Markle insulted the late Princess Diana: brings to delirium tremens

Меган Маркл оскорбила покойную принцессу Диану: доводит до белой горячки

Recently in the British press it is being reported that a native of the US Megan Markle does not understand and does not want to accept the British traditions in General and this leads to many conflicts

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle decided on a risky experiment. Spouse Prince Harry is planning to give birth to the firstborn out of the hospital.

Megan is going to break the tradition, established by Princess Diana. The sons of lady Di and her husband Prince Charles was born at St. Mary’s hospital, and almost immediately the babies were shown gathered at the entrance to journalists.

The same applied three times Kate Middleton. The wife of Prince William did not dare to break the Covenant of his late mother-in-law always went out to reporters with young heirs to the hands.

However, according to the American portal citing an anonymous insider, Meghan Markle wanted to spit on the legacy orders. The Duchess is planning a home birth, which will be held in Frogmoor house. Note that Kensington Palace this information has not yet commented.

Меган Маркл оскорбила покойную принцессу Диану: доводит до белой горячки

Меган Маркл оскорбила покойную принцессу Диану: доводит до белой горячки

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Also earlier it was reported that they became aware of her plans for their future, with Harry’s children. As writes British newspaper the Sun, the Duchess of Sussex, which is proud of its feminist views, intends to “promote normalization” of breastfeeding to do so himself in public.

It is unlikely this will please the Queen, who has a very old-fashioned views and can’t stand even the common word “pregnancy”, preferring to be replaced “waiting for a growing family”.

37-year-old native of the United States, which for the first time will become a mother in April of next year, also wants her husband Harry was spotted wearing a baby — more than his older brother William.

Меган Маркл оскорбила покойную принцессу Диану: доводит до белой горячки

Recall that the birth of a child in the Royal family of great Britain becomes the event, which is followed not only in the Kingdom and its former colonies, but also in many other countries.

And, believe meticulously observers, Prince Harry pays his pregnant wife Meghan Markle not so much attention as it deserves. Thus, it became known that he would leave his wife at home while he will go to Zambia.

The visit of Prince Harry to Zambia was scheduled for a long time, but until recently it was not known whether he will be the company Meghan Markle. On the one hand, the couple is now experiencing a very special time, during which separation are particularly hard on the other — trips to exotic countries are not the best thing for a pregnant Megan.

Recall, a pregnant Megan Markle new drama, the baby will sue.

As reported Politeka, Meghan Markle again ignored Royal Protocol.

Also Politeka wrote that Kate Middleton spoke for the first time about the baby Meghan Markle

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