Meghan Markle fell into disgrace stepmother of Prince Harry: “You’re not an actress on stage”

Меган Маркл попала в опалу мачехи принца Гарри: "Ты не актриса на сцене”

Meghan Markle has made hatred of another important person of the Royal court: cook and Kate Middleton are not even close to contempt important sovereigns

Pregnant Megan Markle is forced and then defense against the negativity of the Royal persons, with whom she now is in relationships.

When trying to perform all the vicissitudes that made his appearance the Duchess of Sussex in homegrown foundations of Queen Elizabeth II, one wonders: why all this Prince Harry and how old the Queen even allowed the existence of such marriage.

Меган Маркл попала в опалу мачехи принца Гарри: "Ты не актриса на сцене”

As reported by the Western media Camille 71-year-old Duchess Chornoliska, the wife of the heir to the throne Prince Charles, openly neglects the newfound Princess.

“This is real life, and you’re not an actress playing a role,” — said the wife of Prince Charles, his daughter-in-law.

Insider of the British newspaper revealed that the 71-year-old Duchess Chornoliska almost never speaks with 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex. She is snobbish and treats Markle hostilely.

In the discussion of these hostile relations, many come to the conclusion that the quarrel between Markle and Middleton, just sophomoric, compared to the arrogant disregard of the wife of the future king of the United Kingdom.

Меган Маркл попала в опалу мачехи принца Гарри: "Ты не актриса на сцене”

“Megan tried everything to Camille softened, but nothing worked. She wants to get close to her, but she did not allow,” says the source.

Prince Harry advised my wife not to take to heart the position of his stepmother.

“William and Harry not too close to her. And Harry told Megan that she wasn’t worried about it. Said Camille, the mistress of his father, so Markle you just need to forget about it. It is not important to their happiness,” the newspaper writes.

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Earlier it was reported that foreign media also became known that a few months before the awaited event Megan started as a doula (or “doula”) (al-Greek. δούλη slave) — a professional assistant who provides continuous physical and emotional support to expectant mothers before and during childbirth.

Меган Маркл попала в опалу мачехи принца Гарри: "Ты не актриса на сцене”

Unknown source insider told the publication that the last time Dole regularly visited Megan in a mansion in Oxfordshire, in KensingtonTM Palace. According to him, she Markle wants to relax and focus on positive energy during the birth. She believes she can do it, and doula actively in this it is supported.

Note that the future father – Prince Harry no less excited about his new role. So the man is doing everything possible to make Megan feel comfortable. So, now comes the completion of repairs in a private country residence of the Royal couple in Frogmore house in Windsor – Megan and Harry plan to move there before the baby is born.

Меган Маркл попала в опалу мачехи принца Гарри: "Ты не актриса на сцене”

According to the insider, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex I want to get the house in muted colors, furnish it with plenty of soft furniture and unique home furnishings from all countries of the world.

Recall that Meghan Markle was accused of bullying her husband.

As reported Politeka, Meghan Markle bonded with Kate Middleton in public.

Also Politeka wrote that Meghan Markle spoke about the terrible trauma of childhood.

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