Meghan Markle denies her abhorrent behavior with the palace servants

Meghan Markle denies her disgusting behavior with the palace servant

Jenny Afia, attorney for Meghan Markle, claims that the palace's claims of mistreatment of servants are being “ very careless '', and Megan Mark strongly denies that her behavior was disgusting .

However, the fact remains. After Meghan's departure from the palace, all of these cases were brought up for internal reconsideration at the behest of Her Majesty.

Afia's lawyer stated that the term “ bullying '' carries too destructive concepts, especially for such highly professional women. The term is simply being thrown around, she said.

The lawyer is talking about a new series of podcasts based on an interview with BBC journalist Amol Rajan, which will show the relationship between the royal family and the media.

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