Meghan Markle decided to rebuild the mansion Frogmore Cottage

Меган Маркл решила перестроить особняк Frogmore Cottage

The wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle started a new repairs in your Windsor home.

The Duchess, who has lived with Prince Harry in the mansion Frogmore Cottage after a major renovation of the building is less than two months, did not accept the result of work that cost about $ 3 million, reports the with reference on the Facts.

It turns out that Megan had persuaded her spouse to start a new repair, as it felt kind of old cottage “unacceptably dilapidated”. At her request, drew up a work plan. Moreover, as it turned out, he was approved. According to official documents published by The Royal Borood Windsor, all planned changes to approved.

The application need not only for financing alterations. The cottage belongs to a single ensemble of Windsor castle, in which it is located. Royal residence is an object of cultural and historical heritage, therefore all repair work should be agreed.

Basically, they concern the appearance of the building. Megan demanded the replacement of gutters and pipes, she wants to change the design of doors and Windows, paint the walls non-toxic, environmentally safe paint… besides, the Duchess had wished to hire a landscape designer, so he made a conversion in the garden surrounding the mansion. She demanded to set in the garden, additional lighting and redesign it in a way that was comfortable to play to their baby, Archie, who is not yet a month. Of course, when he grows up and learns to walk.

As you know, the Windsor Harry and Megan moved from Nottingham Cottage, located in the territory of London Kensington Palace. They moved there in April, about a month before the birth of her first child. The official reason for the move was then called too the modest size of their former house, the area of which only about 100 square meters. Megan and Harry have reportedly decided that given the planned addition to the family they will be in an old house crowded. But, according to gossip, in fact, the Prince and the Duchess simply decided to leave London to live away from the Royal Palace, not being constrained by the Protocol as they want.

The work will affect the area around the mansion. Spouse Prince Harry wants to continue the landscaping of a large garden, make it beautiful lighting to attract landscape designers to ensure that each area became exclusive and intimate.

“The Duchess is very involved in the project and would like the final design was perfect for her, Prince Harry and their son, Archie”, — quotes the words of an insider to the Mirror.

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The residence is open for free visits in the charity event. Many Britons said that the family is living in intolerable conditions because of drone planes.

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