Meghan Markle “caught” in hot kisses with another: photofact

Меган Маркл "застукали" за горячими поцелуями с другим: фотофакт

The Duchess of Sussex before her marriage with Prince Harry was very greedy for life: love life beauty occasionally pop up in the media, confirming it is not a puritanical upbringing

That Prince Harry took to wife is not a virgin, for anybody not a secret. Beauty Megan were not only Wed, but also had a few stormy romances.

A photo that was published in TMZ, openly confirms met actress Meghan Markle with chef Cory Vitiello. The picture was taken was during a dinner of a couple in love in Toronto.

Меган Маркл "застукали" за горячими поцелуями с другим: фотофакт

Happy Megan Sedin at the hands of her boyfriend and gently embracing his neck.

In this picture everything is clear, but there is one point. Date of photograph. This photo was taken in may 2016 in the Atlas restaurant. It is worth considering that couple of years is not much when. And the chronology of the novel Markle with Prince Harry also is its origins in 2016. Only the summer of 2016.

Photo brazenly hints at the intrigue about what could happen between this picturesque moment and the beginning of a fairytale romance with the British Prince.

Apparently Cory quietly released their frantescu into the arms of Harry. Today it is a respected head of the family, bringing up his own child and wife.

However, as we know, Megan’s soon to be mother, and her marriage with Prince Harry will receive the strengthen the Foundation of its very profitable Union.

Earlier we told you about the flighty nature of the Duchess of Sussex. Personal assistant Meghan Markle Melissa quit after six months of working on a prestigious position.

This event was a shock to the Royal court, because the employee was not dismissed the first special in such a short period of service in the Royal court.

Меган Маркл "застукали" за горячими поцелуями с другим: фотофакт

Note that the assistant Markle Melissa was also engaged in the organization of the wedding of the pregnant Duchess and Prince Harry, which took place in may of this year. Also the woman was engaged in creation of the concept of behavior Markle, in particular, is needed in order to resolve the conflict with the father of Megan.

The reason for the dismissal of the employee was not disclosed, but the press is actively mentions that the wife of the young Prince quite rude to the staff, also because of this and the Prince Harry has changed not for the better.

For example, the press became known that before the marriage of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth there was a serious conflict. The man was yelling at staff and was very annoyed.

“What Megan wants, she gets!”, – shouted the young Prince on the staff. Because of the strong anger, Harry and his inappropriate behavior, had to intervene even the Queen.

The fact that Markle before the ceremony was chosen for a tiara from the collection of Queen Elizabeth, but she refused to give him up. That is why the Prince was furious, starting with all the fuss. Because of this, the Queen herself said Markle will wear what she will give. However, the woman said that the Duchess has a complex character and she is misbehaving with the staff.

Recall Prince Charles imagines himself on the throne, and made an unexpected confession.

As reported Politeka, Markle and Middleton appeared in public in mourning outfits.

Also Politeka wrote that Kate Middleton was struck by the open neckline

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