Meghan Markle appeared in the center of another scandal

Меган Маркл оказалась в центре очередного скандала

A relative of the Duchess of Sussex said that can not find work due to the attention of the press.

The brother of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, known as the “crazy brother of Megan,” said that the sister is to blame for his ruined life. Thomas Markle noted that suffers from the increased attention of the press, reports the with reference to

“My every move examined under a microscope. Now I have to say as truth and lies,” said the Duke.

He also admitted that he was forced to quit my job glazier because of vision problems. However, the new work could not find, because no employer wishes to hire the person who often appears in the press.

In addition, they are denied rental housing, because of what Thomas and his family had to stay at the hotel.

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“And all because my life was suddenly in the spotlight — not my fault. It’s hard to take, especially since I never asked for this,” said the man.

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