Meghan and Harry, the return to public life is a disaster: “Take them back”

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Meghan and Harry, the return to public life is a disaster: “Take them back”

Many did not appreciate Meghan and Harry’s first public outing after the end of the break as new parents.

Meghan ed Harry a New York, 2021 – Fonte: Getty Images

A few days ago Harry and Meghan are finally back in public life and their institutional commitments on American soil; if the prince had already appeared several times, for Markle it was the first official release after the birth of little Lilibet Diana.

But of course, even if their intent was to live a quieter life not haunted by the tabloids, as soon as they set foot outside the house they were immediately attacked for everything. Indeed, it seems that their latest release was littered with gaffes and unwelcome attitudes.

Maybe Meghan and Harry are a bit rusty from too much time locked up in the house with their children they no longer know how to behave in public or they probably still live second a status that no longer belongs to him and that in America it matters little; the fact is that it was a real disaster.

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The first public release

The Dukes of Sussex were I waited at the Freedom Tower by the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio and the governor of Kathy Hochul; a great opportunity for Meghan and Harry who are trying to create their own place of power and influence in America. But the opportunity has probably already gone up in smoke since they have made a bad impression. In fact, the couple arrived at the appointment with 14 minutes late annoying everyone present.

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However, the problems did not end there; if the English people did nothing but judge them, the American people are no less. Americans don’t like it at all to have in the territory two exponents of the English monarchy who preach values ​​of inclusion and protection of the environment posing as activists and who then lead an extremely luxurious lifestyle.

What people didn’t like was the choice of Carlyle Hotel in New York from 1300 euros per night, Meghan’s outfit too wintery, serious and expensive, the probable private jet used to travel from Los Angeles to New York. Everything in practice. The newspapers also reported some comments appeared on social networks: “How strange, America fought so hard to free itself from the English monarchy …” it’s still “British, take them back.”

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