Megan Fox has published provocative photos in transparent lingerie

At the end of October of this year it became known that 31-year-old Megan Foxworthy in a movie, but shooting in a new project can distract Hollywood actress from another favorite case design of lingerie brand Frederick’s of Hollywood, a shareholder and creative Director whom she is. A couple of hours ago, the sex symbol of Hollywood has published a photo taken in front of the mirror for which she posed in sexy underwear from the upcoming collection.

Megan wore a white lace bodysuit, heating thereby the interest of the fans to the starting line.

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Back in business. View, will soon be released, just in time for the holiday season,

— wrote the actress under a photo that was taken in the bedroom.


Users of the social network Instagram, of course, could not appreciate this photo, leaving more than fifteen hundred reviews. Followers looking at this picture, I can’t believe Megan is the mother of three children. By the way, the younger son the actress gave birth just a year ago, but is now in perfect shape. As recognized by the Fox, the secret of her slimness is abstention from bread and carbs.

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No crackers, bagels and chips, nothing harmful. The most harmful that I allow myself is coffee, once a day,

— told the star of the movie “transformers” (Transformers)

In addition to proper nutrition, the Fox several times a week, training hard in the gym. Take the example!

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