Megan Fox and Coulson Baker made the last exit before the breakup

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 Megan Fox and Coulson Baker made their last exit before parting

A large army of fans of the star couple was stirred up by the news of the separation of Megan and Coulson. It is known that the 36-year-old celebrity deleted her Instagram account. Even before the account was deleted, Megan Fox made a post quoting Beyoncé's song: “You can taste dishonesty, it's all over your breath.” She also showed a video of the letter being burned.

Megan Fox and Coulson Baker made a joint exit a few days earlier. The actress wore long black trousers with cutouts and a corset with a deep slit in the décolleté and abdomen. The star completed her luxurious look with an unusual hairstyle, gathering the ponytail and letting out the front locks of her hair. Gabbana, which he deliberately flaunted. In such images, Megan and Coulson came to the after party of the Super Bowl.

Megan and Coulson started dating in June 2020. The couple met while filming the thriller Midnight in the Tall Grass. In January 2022, on a joint vacation, Machine Gun Kelly made his favorite confession. In the summer of that year, the couple went to choose a villa for a wedding on Lake Como. After that, any mention of their wedding subsided, however, the couple continued to appear together at social events and just while walking. So far, neither Megan Fox nor Colson Baker have officially confirmed the termination of their relationship.

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