Media: Syrian doctor who worked for Mossad arrested in Lebanon

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 Media: Syrian Mossad doctor arrested in Lebanon

A Syrian doctor who worked for the Mossad was arrested by the Lebanese authorities at the Beirut airport.

A Hezbollah affiliate wrote about it today ; Al-Akhbar, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The man was arrested last month after Lebanese authorities gathered intelligence that a doctor was gathering maps and information about Syria's sewage and water infrastructure.

The man allegedly posed as an employee of a fictitious water treatment company in Syria and collected intelligence important to Israel's security. in alleged attempts to recruit his father and two brothers, officers in the Syrian armed forces. It is alleged that potential “recruits” “thousands of euros” were allegedly offered to collect intelligence for Israel.

The doctor, reportedly born in Latakia in 1969, originally entered Syria on foot via Lebanon, where he arrived from Sweden. He was arrested after local authorities tracked his social media accounts, where they found conversations with his “Israeli handlers and other Israeli intelligence officials.”

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