Media suspected the MP in a “drunken” state during the broadcast. Video

СМИ заподозрили нардепа в «нетрезвом» состоянии во время эфира. Видео

A viewer called and asked why, he came in “drunk”.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Igor Mosiychuk came to live ZIK TV channel in the “drunk” condition, reports the online edition of the with reference to Ukrainian news.

According to media reports, is suspected of viewers who expressed their opinions in the comments, and some even called the Studio to say about it.

For example, one man called and said: “In my opinion, he is in a drunken state you have in the Studio.” To which the MP replied: “You can rate as you like. I am in the condition I am.”

After a minute, he said about this call: “All these freaks who call and tell us: drunk, idiot, stupid and so forth… It’s all the people who are sent from a particular center. Lord, give them understanding (the MP of the cross – ed.)… we will Not specify but we all know what”.

The program host asked the politician to comment with respect to the audience. “And I have no respect?” – asked the Deputy.

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“Just a man called and said, you so-and-so. I’ll tell you where he was asked to call to discredit me. That’s all,” he said.

N of any Mosiychuk live eter

Igor Mosiychuk, that vdduv the ZIK have duzhe dyvne Stani now vipradas Tim scho CCB have lcars. Only from himself progovorila scho sogodni in Kyiv prijav Yogo Kum. The one on the robot, MP is not priyshov and EFR priyshov, really drunk.

Gepostet von Savintsev TV am Dienstag, 28. Mai 2019

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