Media: Russian lieutenant colonel killed in Israeli attack in Syria

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 Media: Russian lieutenant colonel killed in Israeli attack in Syria

The Israeli portal, citing Arab sources, reports sensational news:

“This morning, the Syrian media reported that Israel attacked several Iranian and Syrian targets in the Hama and Tartous regions by cruise missiles fired from fighter jets over northern Lebanon.

The Syrian News Agency reported that 2 soldiers believed to be Iranian were killed and at least 3 others were injured.

As the hours go by, more and more information is coming from the attacked areas.< br />
In the last few minutes, the names of the dead have become known, they are a senior Russian officer and an Iranian officer who were at the facilities that were attacked.

Below are the names of those who died in the Israeli attack this morning according to Syrian sources: Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Engineering Troops – Sergey Bucic, Iranian engineer Captain Rahai Droa, and 3 Syrian wounded.

As you know, Israel usually notifies in advance the Russian operational headquarters in Syria, located at Khmeimim airport in the northwest of the country, to prevent harm to Russian military personnel.

Israel observes this procedure with religious precision.

During the penultimate attack in Syria, when the international airport of the city of Aleppo in northern Syria was attacked and disabled, as well as the nearby An-Nirab military airport, which is under the complete control of Iran and Hezbollah, the Russians received a warning a little earlier than usual in order to have time to withdraw their people from the area and stop all air traffic over the areas of Tartus and Latakia, as the attack aircraft flew over the northern Mediterranean, from which cruise missiles were launched, which hit the targets.

This morning, Israel, as usual, issued a a warning to the Russian operations center in Khmeimim and the attack was carried out immediately after.

It is now known that a senior Russian officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel was killed in the attack. Israel did not know that a Russian was present at one of the attacked sites.

By the way, the Syrians also did not suspect that there was a secret Iranian facility in the attack area for storing high-precision ballistic missiles capable of reaching any target in Israel”.

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