Media: Queen Elizabeth II is considering to abdicate after a year of use

СМИ: королева Елизавета II подумывает отречься от престола уже через полтора года

Media: Queen Elizabeth II is considering to abdicate after a year of use
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She’s going to do to her son Prince Charles could take the throne.

Queen Elizabeth II may soon retire, to pass on the Royal powers to his son Prince Charles. According to the publication New York Post she plans to do it at the age of 95 years, so – a year and a half.

– Her Majesty mindful of his age and wants to make sure that when the time comes, the transfer of the crown will pass without any obstacles. As I understand it, the Queen pondered this question and believes that if she’s alive when she turns 95 years old, then think about how to hand over power to Charles, assured a former member of the Royal court.

According to the source, the informal transfer of Royal authority and of the Affairs of the 71-year-old Prince Charles has already begun. As for the age of the Queen, he increasingly began to appear on her behalf in many official events.

Elizabeth II takes the Royal throne is already 67 years old

According to the Royal rules the Queen can’t resign if you do not renounce the throne. However, she may refuse Royal powers, if her health to deteriorate. In this case, the ruler will become her son Prince Charles, who is first in line to the throne. If he refuses, the king of great Britain will be his son Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth II ascended the Royal throne in 1952 when she was 25 years old. She is now the reigning in the world of the living monarchs.


Elizabeth II canceled the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the son because of a sex scandal.

A magnificent celebration was replaced by a modest dinner in the family circle.

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