Media of the Russian Federation: Pugacheva huddles in Caesarea, wheezes and speaks through force

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 Media of the Russian Federation: Pugacheva huddles in Caesarea, wheezes and speaks through force

Maxim Galkin published a family video with the participation of the twins of Izhenya. Alla Borisovna filmed schoolchildren, while they, having settled down on the carpet, competed in the ability to perform a trick with bottles. They had to be tossed up so that they landed on their heads and didn't fall off.
Lisa decided to try it first. The artist supported her. “I am waiting for the result. Circus performers know how many years they have been engaged in order to always succeed! — noted Pugacheva.

The girl tossed plastic bottles upside down several times, but nothing happened. Then Harry took over. “Let me do it now!” — said the boy and performed the trick for the first time. The student reacted emotionally to his victory. He began jumping up and down on the couch and yelling gleefully, “You've got a hundred dollars!” The 73-year-old People's Artist of the USSR laughed, and Lisa fell on the carpet and covered her face with her hand.

The journalists of the tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda were extremely worried after watching the video. They write:

"Fans are worried about Alla Pugacheva. The reason for the alarm was the recent home video of the Diva. In the frame, Alla Borisovna does not show herself, only her voice is heard. The singer literally wheezes and speaks through her strength.

Alla Borisovna has not appeared in public lately. So this time the actress did not appear in the frame, but her voice behind the camera alerted attentive subscribers.

Many subscribers found the star's voice painfully hoarse. Some noted that the celebrity speaks through force.

The followers also paid attention to the modest life of the star family. The house in Caesarea is much inferior to the luxurious castle in the village of Gryaz. There is no natural wood, no marble with granite, no paintings by famous artists.

Luxurious mansions are a thing of the past. Now the family huddles in a small mansion without high ceilings, spacious rooms and antiques.

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