Media: Marat Basharov kicked out of the theater for a photo with Putin

 Media: Marat Basharov kicked out of theater for photo with Putin

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Actor Marat Basharov was expelled from the troupe of the “School of Modern Play” theater.

As reported by, it became known from a statement by the artistic director of the theater, Iosif Raichelgauz.

“Basharov behaved disgustingly in the current tense situation. How an artist, a citizen, a person cannot behave. I unequivocally condemn the behavior and manifestations of the artist Basharov and decide on the impossibility of our joint work,” Reichelgauz said in a statement.

Basharov could be a photo published the day before with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Basharov captioned the photo: “Thank you.”

The photo appeared on the actor's page as Russian forces continued their invasion of Ukraine.

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