Media: Kostomarov had a stroke in the hospital

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 Media: Kostomarov had a stroke in the hospital

Skater Roman Kostomarov has been in the hospital for more than a month, where doctors are fighting for his life. It all started with pneumonia, due to which a 46-year-old man developed necrosis, he had an amputation of his feet and, according to some reports, parts of his hand. Doctors reported poor kidney function of the patient and lung damage. Now there is a new reason to fear for the athlete's life.

According to KP Sport, Roman Kostomarov suffered cerebral edema and a stroke in the hospital, and he is in critical condition. There is no official confirmation of the incident yet.

Professor Pavel Vorobyov tried to explain what could lead to new such serious complications of the athlete's health. According to the doctor of medical sciences, sepsis, which was provoked by pneumonia, affects not only the blood, but the entire body. Therefore, the skater developed gangrene, as well as intravascular coagulation syndrome (DIC).

This syndrome causes numerous blood clots that can lead not only to necrosis, but also to brain damage, strokes.

“There is still no clear answer why they arose, each organism individually reacted to the disease. But DIC can be treated if it is recognized in time: plasmapheresis is required to cleanse the blood of toxic substances, as well as plasma transfusion (the liquid, purified part of the blood)”, — said Pavel Vorobyov.

The professor added that this was another test for Roman Kostomarov's organism. Let's hope he can handle it.

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