Media: Kostomarov completely blind in one eye

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 Media: Kostomarov is completely blind in one eye

The right eye of the Russian Olympic champion in figure skating Roman Kostomarov has ceased to see.

The SHOT Telegram channel reports on the progressive deterioration of the skater's health.

It is clarified that Kostomarov has aphakia, that is, there is no lens in the eyeball. The athlete underwent surgery to replace it several years ago, and now doctors have removed the lens due to severe inflammation in the frontal sinuses, which puts pressure on the eyes.

The channel writes that the athlete is in critical condition. He suffered a stroke and is put on a ventilator.

It is also alleged that Kostomarov has swelling of the right frontal lobe of the brain, bilateral otitis media, excess fluid in the lungs and sepsis.

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