Media: Israeli F-35s violated Iranian airspace several times

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 Media: Israeli F-35s violated Iranian airspace several times< /p>

Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jets have infiltrated Iranian airspace several times over the past two months, according to a Saudi news agency.

Unverified evidence is cited a report by the London-based Elaph company, which says that during the exercise, the aircraft successfully evaded Russian and Iranian radars.

It is also alleged that Israel and the United States conducted secret exercises over the Red Sea, simulating a strike on Iran from the sea and air and hijacking Iranian warships.

According to the Times of Israel, Elaph reported in January that Israel was conducting a massive refueling exercise over the Mediterranean, also aimed at rehearsing a strike against Iran.

Iranian Air Violation Report Israeli aircraft appeared just as the United States, world powers and Iran are approaching a renegotiation of the nuclear deal.

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