Media: Grigory Leps was hospitalized

Media: Grigory Leps was hospitalized

Russian singer Grigory Leps was hospitalized and allegedly needed the help of a psychiatrist, Telegram channel Mash reports, as well as a number of Russian media outlets.

According to Mash, Grigory Leps was hospitalized twice this week. The second time it happened was yesterday, December 14th. Leps was allegedly very drunk and slept in the hospital all night, trying to leave several times.

Immediately after the news of the hospitalization, the PR director of Grigory Leps said in a comment for the Moscow news agency that the artist was not in hospital. According to Vladimir Uryupin, “this is complete stupidity.” Uryupin stressed that Leps is at home, he is healthy and is preparing for the concert.

Earlier it became known that Grigory Leps had a hypertensive crisis.

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