Medallions of murdered Jews found in Sobibor death camp

 Medallions of murdered Jews found in Sobibor death camp

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During excavations in the Sobibor death camp, archaeologists found three medallions depicting Moses and the tablets of the Law.

This is reported by the press service of the Israel Office of Antiquities.

It is clarified that the medallions differ from each other. They were hand painted and made in Eastern Europe – in Lvov, in Poland and former Czechoslovakia.

According to archaeologist Joram Chaimi, little is known about the tragic fate of those who owned these medallions.

“We do not know whether they were distributed in synagogues by local Jewish communities or were custom-made, so we invite the general public to share with us information that may have been preserved in family histories, & ndash; he noted.

One of the three medallions was found in the ruins of a barrack where the victims were stripped before being taken to the gas chambers. Dozens of women's hairpins and jewelry were scattered on the floor. Another decoration was found in the barracks of the same purpose in “Camp II” Sobibor. The third, with only the prayer side preserved, was found next to a mass grave of Nazi victims.

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