Meanwhile, in Russia they forgot how to write the word “Russia”

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 Meanwhile, Russia has forgotten how to write the word "Russia" < /p>

A glaring mistake on a banner with a portrait of Dmitry Chernobaev, a volunteer who died during a special operation in Ukraine, was noticed by residents on Zhukov Avenue in Volgograd. The banner's customers managed to send it to print and allow the poster to be placed on the advertising structure, on which the name of the country is incorrectly written.

— Glory to the heroes of Russia! Chernobaev Dmitry. Volunteer, — reads a huge white inscription on a blue background.

The poster was posted at the Air Communications Agency public transport stop. According to the plate placed on the advertising structure, the facility is operated by City-Express LLC. Here they denied the mistake, without specifying, however, who exactly made it.

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