McLaren introduced a new live video Speedtail

McLaren представил живое видео нового Speedtail

A few days ago, the McLaren represents a virtual photo of your supercar Speedtail, and now, finally, the car was shown live and looks more gorgeous than we could imagine.

Unfortunately, it is yet only one video, which depicted the first instance Speedtail, passing a few meters through the cabin.

The company has not yet announced the technical characteristics of a supercar, but he says that he will be able to exceed 400 km/h. The car is also different triple layout with a Central driver’s seat.

Under the hood is expected a hybrid power plant with total capacity of 1035 HP. It will consist of a V8 engine of the MP4-12C and an electric motor.

It is planned that they will be built only 106 cars Speedtail at a price of 2.7 million dollars apiece, and each of them already have a buyer.

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