McDonald's Employee: 'Normal' Coffee Isn't What You Think

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 McDonald’s employee: “Normal” coffee– is not what you think

An employee at McDonald's fast food chain thinks customers aren't specific enough in their orders, and this is causing confusion.
Abby Selby explained that she hates maybe when customers order “ordinary coffee” to breakfast McMuffin, because the word “regular” may be different for each person. In her opinion, this leads to confusion.

In a video posted to her TikTok account @abbieselbby, a McDonald's employee talked about several things that annoy her at work, with the coffee debate topping the list.

Enacting a typical conversation, Abby said, “Hi, welcome to McDonald's, what can I offer you this morning?” ;The girl then lists the coffees available before the customer interrupts her and says, “Oh no, no, no, I don't want any of that. I just want a normal, normal coffee.” But after getting my order, I went back to the counter and complained, “They gave me white coffee when I specifically requested black.” Abby then explained, “Oh, I’m sorry, that must be my mistake. You said regular coffee, so I thought white coffee.

Abby then spoke about a situation where, while cleaning up trash left on an empty table, customers show up and claim she threw away their food and cheekily demand more. The fast food worker also shared how annoying she is when customers order without deciding what they want, especially if they're with kids who often change their wishes.

“Actually, no, sorry, he wants a chocolate milkshake now. Oh no, sorry, now he wants fruit marmalade. Oh sorry, he wants some Fanta instead, – modeled a typical scene of a girl.

Abby's post attracted fellow McDonald's employees who shared similar situations they found themselves in when working with customers in the comments.

&ldquo ;It's all so true, I hate such clients”,– commentators wrote.

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