Mazu presents a new musical proposal of disco music

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Mazu presents a new musical proposal of disco music

After the release of his single “Prohibido”, Mazu will take us deeper into disco music and will envelop us with its futuristic elements, in this trilogy that includes a new version of the song, an instrumental version and an extended version.

Mazu is the personal project of Sebastián Barrenechea, a young Peruvian guitarist and producer with great projection in the musical world.

The use of nostalgic rhythms and synthesizers from the 80’s are the mainstay of this trilogy, which will immerse you in a dance floor, full of lights, smoke, colors and fun.

Mazu explores his producer side and uses the loops he used on his single “Prohibido” to make an extended version. The production, mixing and mastering were done in his room, where he has composed and produced all the songs that he released from the beginning.

“It’s the sound that I think defines my project,” Mazu said of this release. Mazu combines drum machines, synthesizers as protagonists, funk guitars and sequencers. 80s elements that will immerse you in the space and will make the listener enjoy the experience in the first person.

This trilogy tells the story of a forbidden love between two people who cannot be together. This continues as a theme in this trilogy. Being happy and enjoying the moment without prejudice, or anyone to tell you how to live life, is the message that Mazu maintains for this new release.

This will not be the last release of 2021, as Mazu plans to release more music before the end of the year.


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