Mayor of Kiryat Motzkin to be charged with bribing an MP

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 Mayor of Kiryat Motzkin to be charged with bribing MP

The prosecutor's office notified the mayor of Kiryat Motzkin, Haim Tzuri, of their intention to charge him with a number of criminal offenses — from accepting bribes to obstructing justice and violating privacy. Charges will be filed after a hearing with Tsuri's lawyers.

The bribes charged to the mayor were not in money or material possessions, but in stopping criticism of him on Facebook and insider information about his political rivals.

The basis for initiating a criminal case against the mayor of Kiryat Motzkin was a deal he concluded with one of the members of the opposition faction in the City Council. In 2017, Tsuri suggested that the deputy, who criticized the work of the mayor and the municipality on Facebook, stop this “campaign”; in exchange for positions in the municipality for himself and his wife. The oppositionist agreed and for half a year supplied the mayor with undercover information about the activities of his colleagues in the opposition faction.

Together with Tsuri and a corrupt oppositionist, his assistant, who was present at the conclusion of the deal, also became a defendant in the criminal case.

In addition, the mayor is charged with using the municipal database of residents of the city for personal and political purposes. Based on municipal information, the mayor ordered the creation of a new database for his faction and fraudulently obtained funding from the city budget for this.

These actions are regarded by the prosecutor's office as a violation of privacy, a violation of public trust, aggravated fraud and obstruction of justice.

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