“Maybe some vodka?” Galkin remembered Baskov's embarrassment before the President of Latvia

People's Artist of Russia Nikolai Baskov once embarrassed himself in front of the President of Latvia.

According to KP.ru, about the incident was recalled by showman Maxim Galkin.

According to him, it happened during the “ New Wave '' in Jurmala. The President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers invited the artist to breakfast, for which Basque, who had a good night walk, was very late. The event was held in a restrained manner until a breathless Babkin burst in with an unusual gift.

“ What kind of gift it was … I would give it to the President of Latvia. It was a bottle of vodka in a package in the form of a Soviet shell with a red star & quot ;, & ndash; he noted.

As a result, an awkward silence hung in the hall. Baskov was both embarrassed and offended at the same time. The artist decided to explain himself, put the shell packaging as a bazooka, the cover of the “ shell '' opened, and a jar of cucumbers fell out with a crash on the president's armrest.

The glass shattered into smithereens, and the contents ended up on Zatlers' suit. The President responded with dignity that nothing terrible had happened. The ashamed Baskov sat down on a chair when Lev Leshchenko decided to defuse the situation.

“Well, maybe vodka then,” he asked.

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