Maybach could again undertake the development of their own models

Maybach опять может взяться за разработку собственных моделей

When Daimler revived the Maybach brand, it launched the production of limousines on the basis of existing Mercedes models, but according to British magazine Autocar, the luxury brand is again able to undertake the development of their unique cars.

In an interview with British reporters, the head of Daimler Dieter Zetsche said the goal is to Maybach “standing on your own two feet like AMG”. Unit high-performance models, acting as a separate brand of Mercedes, offering the GT coupe, Roadster and the new four-door model, and will soon launch a hypercar.

Maybach опять может взяться за разработку собственных моделей

I guess the Maybach can offer a production version of the crossover Vision Maybach Ultimate Luxury, and coupe and convertible concept Vision Maybach 6. Meanwhile, the luxury brand will offer a more luxurious version of the next-generation Mercedes GLS, along with a unique two-door concept, which are believed to be even more expensive than the coupe and convertible S-class.

Anyway, the limousine S-class — based Maybach line, has created a new niche for Mercedes, which includes the Audi A8 and Bentley Flying Spur or the BMW 7 Series and Rolls-Royce Ghost. Now Daimler will seek to renew their superiority over the British luxury brands with better Maybach.

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