Maxim Galkin faces a prison term in Russia

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 Maxim Galkin faces a prison term in Russia

A criminal case has been opened in Russia against Maxim Galkin, who publicly condemns the war in Ukraine, because of the spread of so-called fakes about the Russian army.

Russian State Duma deputy Roman Khudyakov announced this on his Instagram, banned in Russia.

“In Russia, a criminal case has been opened against him. Galkin uttered an article to himself. And it provides for a conclusion", — The report says.

According to the deputy, Maxim Galkin may be arrested in Turkey, where he has a concert scheduled at the end of July, and extradited to Russia. The comedian faces up to seven years in prison because he tells the truth about the war in Ukraine unleashed by Russia.

“In Turkey, the comedian is likely to be arrested and extradited to Russia. Taking into account all that has been said and the public outcry, Maxim Galkin will receive about seven years, with the exception of what he will spend in a pre-trial detention center until the verdict, & mdash; Khudyakov writes.

Maxim Galkin strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and flew to Israel with his family in the early days of the war. Artistically expresses his position and supports the Ukrainian people. Moreover, he donates part of his concert fees to help Ukraine.

His wife, Alla Pugacheva, does not publicly express her position. However, the singer came to the defense of her husband. In particular, Pugacheva said that if a case is brought against Galkin, then “she will speak and will not stop.”

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