Matušková’s 73rd Birthday: WEDDING JOURNEY CANCELED!

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Matušková’s 73rd Birthday: WEDDING JOURNEY CANCELED!

How do you celebrate a birthday that falls on today?

“I think that after an unforgettable experience, when three years ago I secretly raided Karlštejn Castle, where Mr. Kubel’s castellan organized a celebration of my 70th birthday on October 2, where no one really expected me, it is no longer suitable for me to celebrate something. Because only a trip to Mars would surpass that. So Jiřík and I will go for oysters just like on our wedding day. We went to the seaside bar for raw oysters with caviar and vodka right after they married us, and it was amazing! ”

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Matušková’s 73rd Birthday: WEDDING JOURNEY CANCELED!

As far as I know, you were supposed to celebrate in the Czech Republic on Saturday, and two days before you were supposed to be the main star in the auditorium at the Broadway Theater at the premiere of the musical Heavenly Love, which consists of Waldemar’s songs.

“It simply came to our notice then. Jiří and I even wanted to take this visit as a honeymoon and at the same time inform our friends in the Czech Republic that we were married. We also wanted to congratulate Jiří Suchý on his 90th birthday on October 1, and Waldík flew to Florida from New York, where he lives and works, due to the premiere of Love of Heaven. Producer Olda Lichtenberg arranged accommodation for us in Ambassador in Václavák and we were really looking forward to it. Maybe I’ve never looked forward to it so much. We also booked tickets in advance. “

But Covid ruined everything.

“Exactly. The airline did not guarantee anything at all. We were investigating the conditions of travel, and unfortunately these are changing every few days due to the Chinese virus in these turbulent times. You must be tested in the US for a certain number of hours before departure. This is followed by testing in Europe upon arrival. You have to go through two transfers and you don’t know if you will transfer. You must not take off the veil, whether it works or not, on the plane after almost 18 hours of flight! This is crazy! And no one has told me for sure yet if I have to be vaccinated in order to enter the theater. And I’m not vaccinated! So we just decided with a heavy heart to postpone the trip. “

You recorded at least the greetings with Waldík for the premiere.

“Yes. I have heard only the best about this musical Heavenly Love. I already saw performances from Helena Vondráčková’s songs in that theater and it was amazing. The cast was wonderful, I hope it’s the same. “

After how long have you actually seen your son now?

“We haven’t seen Walda in months. He liked New York. What he’s doing is lost in it. Computers, programming, consulting. But it has a big advantage. I have all these services for free from him, anytime. It’s called 24-7 here. “

So Waldík is now resting at home and his mother is shaking and pampering around him. “But not at all! We used the exchange of tenants for some repairs in our houses and cut the forest in the garden, as usual. But I didn’t feel very well in terms of health. I’m not particularly afraid of the flu, no, I even think I went through it at the beginning of the madness, but I was shocked. It’s better now. “

And what does your son actually say to your marriage to Jiří, whom you married after five years of acquaintance?

“I asked Waldík what he would say if Jirka entered our lives, and he touched me with the words: ‘My father chose Jirka for me!’ Waldemar wanted to have at least an American baptismal certificate. And so in February 1978 we went to New York, where George organized the christenings and was also Waldík’s godfather. So our son’s name is Waldemar George. “

How did you meet your second husband?

“Jirku mi Walda presented in New York in 1975 after our concert at the Julia Richmond Auditorium in Manhattan. When we emigrated to Florida, we saw him and his wonderful wife Jana more often because they lived in California. And we were actually united by the same fate. With the departure of Waldemar, my life values ​​changed. About five years after Waldemar’s death, Jirka’s wife Janička died. She was an exceptional woman. Since that sad event, Jiří and I saw each other more often. We knew exactly what the other was going through. Our long-standing friendship was slowly changing non-violently, without us noticing much. And then we thought it was getting better in two, and in May they got married quietly and without witnesses, which is possible here. “

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Matušková’s 73rd Birthday: WEDDING JOURNEY CANCELED!

Matušková’s 73rd Birthday: WEDDING JOURNEY CANCELED!


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