Mathematicians solved the oldest problem 2500 years old

 Mathematicians solved the oldest problem 2500 years old

Scientists were able to solve the ancient problem of “squaring the circle”, which was invented by the Greek mathematician Anaxagoras around 450 BC. e. The authors of the solution were Andras Mate and Oleg Pikhurko from the University of Warwick and Jonathan Noel from the University of Victoria.

The essence of the task is one question – is it possible to construct a square with a compass and a ruler, the area of ​​which is equal to a given circle, writes Quantamagazine.

Modern scientists have transformed the circle into a square by cutting it into pieces. It is noted that they were able to visualize this process and show an astronomical number of fragments.

As is known, in 1882 the German mathematician Ferdinand von Lindemann proved that it was impossible to solve the squaring of a circle using classical tools. And in 1925, the Polish-American mathematician Alfred Tarski changed the rules of the problem, thanks to which a circle can be converted into a square by cutting it into a finite number of parts that could be moved along the plane and assembled into a square of the same area.

Indeed, the circle had to be divided into no more than 1050 parts. But at that time it was impossible to prove it due to the lack of visualization capabilities.

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