Mathematicians predict “colossal” COVID outbreak in China

Mathematicians predict

China may face serious outbreak of coronavirus.

Study results were released by the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China CDC Weekly.

According to mathematicians from Peking University, the daily morbidity rate in the country could exceed 630,000 infected if the authorities lift travel restrictions, do not improve treatment methods and adopt a US strategy to combat the pandemic.

If the UK strategy is applied, there will be more than 275 thousand infected in China per day, the methods of France & ndash; more than 454 thousand infected.

& quot; Our research has revealed the real possibility of a colossal outbreak, which, almost certainly, will cause an unbearable burden on the healthcare system. We are not prepared to accept 'openness' strategies based solely on the vaccination-induced herd immunity hypothesis promoted by some Western countries '', & ndash; mathematicians warned.

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