Mastodon Microblogging Service Grows as Twitter Falls After Ownership Change

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 Mastodon microblogging service grows as Twitter falls after change of ownership < /p>

Decentralized social media platform Mastodon attracted more than 1.02 million monthly active users by early November. Since October 27, 2022, about 490 thousand newbies have come to the platform, and the number of connected servers has increased by 1124.

Founded in Germany in 2016 by Mastodon — it is an open source service. It allows you to deploy your own social network on a separate node or register in an already created one: you can choose the appropriate one, for example, by region or topic — e.g. “Europe” and "technology".

Networks like Twitter look like: it is a feed of short user posts that you can like, comment, repost and send to your interlocutors — even from other servers.

The rules and policy of moderation of each social network are determined by its owner — and he also has the right to open registration for everyone or, conversely, to approve applications manually. If the user doesn't like the selected node, he can switch to another one, while keeping his account and followers.

The main difference between Mastodon and Twitter, apart from the distributed network, is that there are no ads on the platform.

Nearly half a million new users and a million active monthly — this is not so much compared to the daily active Twitter audience of 238 million people. But the growth may continue — especially when you consider that before October 27, 2022, 60-80 users per hour were registered in the system, and after — a thousand or more.

The sale of Twitter to Elon Musk contributed to the growth of Mastodon's audience. Some of those who switched to the German platform wanted to protest against the innovations on Twitter regarding paid subscriptions in this way.

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