Mass slaughter arranged in the center of Kiev: “For Valentine’s”

Массовое побоище устроили в центре Киева: «За святого Валентина»

On Khreshchatyk, the young people staged a mass brawl

In the heart of the capital of Ukraine in the evening of 13 February there was a mass brawl.

The massacre was attended by a few dozen guys of a sports Constitution. The corresponding video appeared on the page “Kiev Operational” in the social network Facebook. “A massive fight right now happened in the heart of the city — Khreshchatyk. I wonder what fought?”, – stated in the message.

Массовое побоище устроили в центре Киева: «За святого Валентина»

In comments to the video Internet users wrote that, most likely, this fight of football fans. Wall to wall went to the ultras of the two teams.

“Capitals + FBF + North Company (“Dynamo” ) 42 vs Brigade Nassau & co. (“Eintracht Frankfurt”, Frankfurt) 70-80,” wrote Vadim Tkachenko.

However, one of the commentators said he: “What fans Atracta doing in Kiev? The match in Kharkiv tomorrow.”

Массовое побоище устроили в центре Киева: «За святого Валентина»

Commentators also recalled that the fight took place on the eve of Valentine’s Day did not fail to make a joke on this subject: “For Valentine’s day. Beat, then, love” “fighting for the bouquets in the transitions?!”.

Массовое побоище устроили в центре Киева: «За святого Валентина»

Users interested in who’d win in a fight: “Who won?”, “Yes, let them fight.”

Массовое побоище устроили в центре Киева: «За святого Валентина»

As previously reported, late at night in Kiev, prospect Akademika Glushkova was a mass brawl in which injured several men.

The conflict began between the two companies in the pub, which is located nearby. Both sides came out, but after a while the conflict again gained momentum.

Close to refueling was a fight, in the course went fists, sticks and even a bottle of champagne. In total, the conflict involved six men.

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What was the reason for the start of the fight is unknown. However, the filling station workers said that initially the room came a man and asked to call an ambulance and the police, he had a bloodied face. All this time the other men continued to fight. After a few minutes at the gas station came another man with a broken head, after which he lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

At the time of the conflict in the prospectus drove activists of the “Warta Holosievo” they saw a fight and how one man runs the other. Runaway asked for help and said that just talking on the phone with the police. At this point the second man began to run away from activists. The guys tried to catch up with rowdy, but it has not stopped.

Массовое побоище устроили в центре Киева: «За святого Валентина»

One of the activists fired a few shots into the air from the starting gun, that stopped, after that it managed to hold.

A man who became ill at the gas station, was admitted to the hospital. According to doctors, the victim received opened cherepno-a brain trauma. Previously, the blow was a sealed bottle of champagne.

Other participants in the conflict were also injured, but they are minor. In addition, at the gas station in the snow was found a stick with blood on it. With the same subject filling the staff saw the parties to the conflict during a fight.

Recall that in Kiev held a massive massacre of foreigners at the bus stop.

As reported Politeka, in the river near the supermarket skirmish.

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Also Politeka wrote that in Kherson there was a mass brawl with the military.

Mass bike right now vabulas in the center Mista — on Khreschatyk. Curiously, for scho bilisa?

Gepostet von Kiev Operational am Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2019

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