Mass grave in Izyum – CHILDREN among the victims

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 Mass grave in Izyum - among the victims of CHILDREN

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The scale of the crimes committed by the occupiers in Izyum – are huge. This is bloody brutal terror. Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol… Raisin. This is the genocide of the Ukrainian people!

450 bodies of civilians with traces of violent death and torture were buried in the forest belt. Today, law enforcement officers began to exhume. It is difficult to imagine something like this in the 21st century, but now it is a tragic reality in Izyum. Most of the graves don't even have names on them. There is only a mark with a number.

Among the bodies exhumed today, 99% show signs of violent death. There are several bodies with their hands tied behind their backs, and one person is buried with a rope around his neck. Obviously, these people were tortured and executed. There are also children among the buried.

About 200 law enforcement officers and experts are currently working at the site. The bodies will be sent for a forensic examination to determine the exact cause of death. After identifying the faces of the dead, they will all be buried with due respect. Each death will be investigated and become evidence of Russia's war crimes in international courts.

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