Marvel announces release dates for 'Multiverse Saga' films

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 Marvel announced the release dates for the films "Saga of the Multiverse"

Marvel Studios has announced the release dates for the three Multiverse Saga films that will be released before 2025. It is reported by Cnet. So, the reboot of the Fantastic Four will take place on November 8, 2024. Premiere of the film "The Avengers: The Kahn Dynasty" will take place on May 2, 2025 Will complete the new phase of Avengers: Secret Wars, which will be released on November 7, 2025. The fifth phase will be launched by “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania” February 17, 2023. After that, the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Part 3″ May 5, 2023. Premiere of the film "Marvels" scheduled for July 28, 2023, "Blade" will be released November 3, 2023. The long-awaited “Captain America: New World Order” will appear on big screens on May 3, 2024, “The Thunderbolts” will be released on July 26, 2024.

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