MARUV in the new clip captured his partner on Dancing with the stars

MARUV в новом клипе  взяла в плен  своего партнера по  Танцам со звездами

MARUV in the new video for “captured” his partner on “Dancing with the stars”
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The singer presented the fourth work from the mini-album.

Ukrainian singer MARUV presented the video for the song If You Want Her. This track was included in the mini-album the stars under the name “Hellcat Story,” which includes four video works of the tetralogy. Singer conceived them, inspired by the story of the classic of Ukrainian literature of Olga Kobylianska “Sunday early morning Sunday I dug potion” – romantic tragedy, in which you face love, jealousy, black magic and bad luck.

This is the only book I read for school program. The teacher decided to punish me: he gave me one to read it, and then tell the whole class. I read, cried, but remember that story for life, – laughs Anna Korsun.

By tradition, the artist chose candid images for her new clip. The main MARUV outfit – a long white lace dress, which she kneads the dough on a background of washed white sheets. On the table are poppies, a wreath of which becomes the main accessory of the singer in the final video.

In the story the artist “captured” and poisoned his partner on “Dancing with the stars” JAY. According to the singer, it is very important to understand that the “Hellcat Story” retells the story not invented by Olga Kobylianska in the early twentieth century, but the catchy dance beat sets your based on it – is also about passionate love and the devil.

– If You Want Her – it’s a terrible place. Where the same without her. All women are witches! If you say that not all – do not believe – smiles MARUV.

What other works from the mini-album?

To Be Mine – it’s a modernized Midsummer, the night that girl call his narrow-clowns. My song is the call – explains MARUV in an interview with Apple Music.

Don’t Stop is, as my Director and stylist Yana Chaplygina, “Yves-Saint-lozanovskii” vechornytsi.

Don’t U Waste My Time is treason, which finds out the main character.



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