MARUV boasted an unusual collection of shoes

MARUV похвалилася незвичайною колекцією взуття

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The singer shared Maruv stylish staff, and the fans were in awe of the beauty and her pet.

Popular Ukrainian singer Maruv actively leads his page in Instagram.

Recently celebrity exposed funny shots with his dog, a French bulldog named Isolde A., posing in a homelike atmosphere. So, the actress boasted bright new clothes in the form of a “restored” sneakers with a personalized label.

“My favorite pedals are back with me! Thanks for the restyling, I will stupidly unique. And what do you like best? Heels or sneakers?”, – shared joy Anna Korsun. Palaveri was delighted.

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The message circulated MARUV (@maruvofficial) February 14, 2020 at 12:05 PST

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