Marriage via Zoom: the court recognized the registration of couples who married online

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 Marriage via Zoom: court recognizes registration of couples who married online < /p>

A court in Jerusalem has ruled that any Israeli who marries in so-called “Utah marriages” must be recognized as married by the Department of the Interior.

This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

The court ruled after accepting a petition from Hadosh, an organization for religious freedom and equality.

“Marriage in Utah” This is a virtual wedding. The wedding takes place in visual consultation with a marriage registrar in Utah, and the marriage can take place if the bride and groom are in Israel. Uta became the first state in the US to allow virtual weddings via Zoom and Skype for couples living in different states and even countries.

The organization petitioned on behalf of eight couples who married in this way, but the Population Authority refused to register them as married on the orders of the then Interior Minister, Aryeh Deri.

As noted, civil marriages are still not are recognized in Israel.

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