Marriage and divorce on the same day

 Wedding and divorce on the same day

The couple decided to get married back in 2020. As time went on, the young people got to know each other better. And, apparently, not everything was already smooth. Shortly before the wedding, Jenny told her future husband that the wedding will take place if he behaves appropriately and respectfully.

But the groom, apparently, has reviewed comedy films. The guy bought cupcakes in advance, knowing what he would do.

When it came time to cut the wedding cake, the newly-made husband grabbed his wife by the back of the head and dipped her face into the wedding cake.

All the guests were simply taken aback, not to mention the girl. Literally everyone that day approached her and asked her to give her husband a second chance. Jenny announced her divorce decision to the joker the next day, when the guests left.

The girl asked for help from the local Slate online club run by a certain Prudence. And she advised Jane not to turn on the reverse gear, but to get away from the fool, adding that let the one who justifies his vile act think about how to fall asleep and wake up with such a person every day, cook food for him, create comfort. If such a course of things suits someone, then let them live with him.

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