Marquis: the intensity and the execution at the rendezvous

Marquis: l’intensité et l’exécution au rendez-vous

The sweetness of the summer does not seem to have affected players from the Marquis de Jonquière, which are reported in good shape at the training camp held at the end of the week at the Palais des sports.

The head coach, Benoit Gratton, said he was pleasantly surprised by the good level of physical fitness of the troops. “The intensity and the execution were at the rendezvous, he says. I think that several players have skated in different leagues during the summer. And having “rejuvenated” the team, we saw that the fitness level was a little higher than in the past.”

Marquis: l’intensité et l’exécution au rendez-vous

Gabriel Lévesque had shared the ice with Jean-Sébastien Bérubé when he was playing for the Huskies of Rouyn-Noranda.


The face of the Marquis had changed considerably since last year, but the p’tits new are quickly integrated to veterans. “The team spirit has always been one of the forces of the Marquis. I think that for new players in the team, it is always easy (with Marquis). I experienced it as a player when I arrived and there was nothing changed. I think that the players who came in at the end of the week really enjoyed their weekend.”

Currently, Benoit Gratton speaks more pairs of players that triple-play, especially because two players of the centre, Stephan Chaput and James Desmarais, were absent. “Obviously, I would have loved to have the whole team present at the camp, but it is the reality of the League in north america. But it is sure that Quesnel and Chaput have always formed a good duo on the first team, shows the driver of the Marquis. With the return of Jean-Sébastien Bérubé, I immediately placed with Jérémie Malouin. This will be a really good combination on the third trio. And shorthanded, they will probably be one of the best duos in the league.” By contrast, the composition of the second trio is not yet decided, but he has seen beautiful things. He has greatly enjoyed the return to play of Yannick Riendeau, who had significant injuries. “If we can have in health, this will be a acquisition for our team!”

On the blue line, despite the absence of the first choice of the Marquis Jonathan Diaby, Benoit Gratton is pleased with what he saw. Among the players that have made the beautiful impression, it points Mathieu Brisebois, who had been obtained from Berlin in the exchange involving Hugo Carpentier and Jonathan Payment. “This is a player who passes the puck, and fills an element that we lacked the cutting edge last year. It is a right-handed offensive. We wanted to go and look for a key offensive and in addition, this is a guy who is able to play physical. There is also Jason Bell, who is a player that has a nice flair offensive” sets out there.

That said, Benoit Gratton is still time before we get a heads up on the alignment 2018-19 of the Marquis. “I’m going to give the two preseason matchups and a few matches in the beginning of the season, says he. It is sure that, in the defensive, we are still in discussions with a few players and there will certainly be some signatures to announce soon.”



Jean-Sébastien Bérubé did not need to take the ear to be back with the Marquis de Jonquière. The lanky striker is very happy to be back in the training jonquiéroise with which he was able to enjoy the Cup Vertdure.

“I am very happy to be back with the Marquis. I was disappointed when I was traded because we had a really good group of guys and the organization is super. We are treated very well and the supporters are great also. In addition, I am super happy to review Jeremiah (Malouin). I think that it has always been well completed and even if it had been a year that we had not played together, it seemed, not even, said Bérubé, who has loved to play with Jean-Simon Allard to complete their trio. I don’t know if Benoit (Gratton) will keep us together, but it was complemented well. It was super fun.”

Even if the composition of the team has changed, Jean-Sébastien Bérubé was still in the land of knowledge. He already knew Dannick Paquette and Gabriel Lévesque. In the latter case, he had played with the new attacker while they both played for the Huskies of Rouyn-Noranda. “We should still have a good team,” he says.

The attacker, 28-year-old was very happy with his camp. “I trained hard this summer and I have played each week. Therefore, ç”was at the end of the week. I was happy,” he concluded.

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