Marine mood: beach wishlist

 Nautical mood: beach wishlist

The bathing season is starting. What to take to the beach to look the most beautiful and fashionable on the coast?

It is clear that the swimsuit sets the tone for the entire beach look, so its choice must be approached with particular seriousness. To feel as comfortable as possible, choose corrective models that will help stretch the silhouette and make the figure visually slimmer. You will find a large selection of such models in the Jack Kuba collection. Their design emphasizes and enhances the beauty of the shapes so that the swimsuit becomes a real stylish piece that combines effective body shaping with a comfortable feel. All models from Jack Kuba are a compliment to the figure and an emphasis on different body types. Business card of fashionable, comfortable and sexy swimwear Jack Kuba – rich hues, graphic prints and contrasts in the right places. They can do wonders for smoother curves, a flatter belly, a narrower waist, and a more lifted chest and hips.

 Sea mood: beach wishlist

No more worrying about whether the body looks perfect or not. Swimwear from Jack Kuba gives you 100% confidence in this.

But one swimsuit on the coast will obviously not be enough for you. Beach fashion requires light clothes, an indispensable hat and bright accessories.
Start replenishing your summer wardrobe with a tunic or pareo, which is so nice to throw over a bathing suit and head to a waterfront bar. The new Crazy Line collection contains models of the most trendy colors of various styles for owners of any shape and volume. It remains only to choose the model that best suits your swimsuit color and mood.

 Marine mood: beach wishlist

You can’t do without a headdress, as well as without a swimsuit, on the beach. Wicker hat with wide brim – classics of the genre. She will save you from the ruthless Israeli sun and create a relaxed look that exudes luxury and Hollywood movies. Add mood and accessories: an emphasis on the waist will put a belt, sophistication will bring a catchy plastic necklace, and even a flying scarf will be appropriate. A large handy bag will complete your beach look.

 Marine mood : beach wishlist

It is equally important to choose shoes for the beach, such that it is comfortable and that it fits into the perfect outfit. Pay attention to the beach-appropriate and default comfortable sandals on a small wedge from the Lafayette Italy summer collection. Fashionable design, universal coloring, comfortable last – not shoes, but solid virtues.

Firstly, it is convenient to walk along a pebble or shell beach in them; such shoes will protect your foot from sharp pebbles. Secondly, these sandals look completely summery, their light sheen reminiscent of reflections on the waves. And thirdly, they go well with almost any clothing: with a beach tunic, and with shorts, and with a miniskirt, and light trousers, and with dresses. In them, right from the sun lounger, you can go for a walk around the city or to meet with friends. All in all, this shoe is for any occasion.

 Sea mood: beach wishlist

And this already, of course, not about fashion, but about beauty – Be sure to bring sunscreen with you. In such a serious matter as caring for the health of your own skin, you should trust trusted manufacturers. Moisturizer Sun Protection SPF 50 by SeboCalm is a lightweight, non-greasy, fast-absorbing face and neck sunscreen designed for all skin types, from normal to oily. The cream contains aloe barbadensis, which helps to soothe the skin, and extracts of propolis and echinacea to maintain its elasticity. It is also enriched with antioxidants – with vitamin E and Dunaliella seaweed extract, which protect against harmful environmental influences and help maintain youthful skin. Moisturizer Sun Protection SPF 50 soothes redness, restores moisture balance, nourishes and protects our skin from UVA + UVB rays, with protection factor SPF 50.

Have a nice and beautiful holiday!

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