Map of the situation in the Kiev region on March 29

 Map of the situation in the Kiev region on March 29

Information from the Kyiv regional administration about the situation in the region.

The situation in the Kyiv region from the head of the Kyiv OVA Oleksandr Pavlyuk:

direction, the enemy did not conduct active offensive operations. He made attempts to fire at the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the settlements of Romanovka, Gorenka, Lychanka, Petrushki, Shpitki, Moshchun, Novaya Buda, Maidanovka, Lyubovichi, Zabuyaniye, Nalivaykovka.

Regroups troops, partially withdraws to the territory of the Republic of Belarus .

In the direction of Brovary, he is trying to hold on to the previously occupied positions and prevent further advance of our troops.

The Russian Federation denies the facts of transportation and stockpiling by Russian troops of a large amount of ammunition in the immediate vicinity of the “Shelter” object; Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The activities of the Russian occupation forces at any moment can lead to the detonation of ammunition, damage to the Shelter and radiation contamination of the territory where hundreds of millions of Europeans live.

The use of the Chernobyl zone for the transportation and accumulation of ammunition, as well as the deployment of command posts of Russian troops, is deliberate, since the armed forces of Ukraine cannot conduct military operations on the territory of the exclusion zone.

The risk of detonation of Russian ammunition is high even without combat actions, due to the occupiers' neglect of security measures, as well as the massive use of old and substandard ammunition.
The enemy is weakened, disoriented, a significant part of him is cut off from logistical support and continues to suffer losses.

Dangerous directions remain:

▪️Zhytomyr highway
▪️Bucha – Gostomel
▪️Dmitrovskaya community
▪️Makarovskaya community
▪️north of Vyshgorodsky district
▪️Territories of some settlements of Baryshevskaya, Kalityanskaya, Velykodymerskaya communities

Belotserkovsky, Borispolsky, Obukhovsky and Fastovsky districts.
The situation is under control and calm. No firing. Defense forces on high alert.

Buchansky district.
The situation is tense, but under control.
Makarovskaya and Irainskaya communities, the village of Shpitki – under fire
Borodyanskaya – blocked
Gostomelskaya – there were battles
Dmitrovskaya and Gostomelskaya – enemy movement
Village Dmitrovka – mines
Nemishaevskaya and Buchanskaya communities – the enemy dug in
A lot of destroyed infrastructure

🔺Brovary district.
❌Baryshevskaya, Kalityanskaya and Velykodimerskaya communities – a small amount of enemy equipment< br /> ❌A lot of destroyed infrastructure
❌Rocket attack on the territory of the Kalinovskaya community – a fire broke out at one of the enterprises.

🔺Vyshgorodsky district.
❌Neighborhood of the village of Lyutezh – mortar shelling< br /> ❌Demidov Bridge – rocket attack
❌Ivankovskaya, Dymerskaya and Polesskaya communities – humanitarian catastrophe

 Map of the situation in the Kiev region on March 29

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