Mansour Abbas demanded to stop landing in the Negev

Mansour Abbas demanded to stop landing in the Negev

Chairman of the RAAM, MP Mansour Abbas, has demanded an immediate cessation of work on the planting project in the Negev region, which, he said, harms the Arab residents in the area. Abbas also threatened a government crisis if the issue was not closed immediately.

He later published a post in which he wrote: “I asked to stop work immediately. The Chairman of the Real Estate Department and I agreed to stop work at noon and made an urgent meeting to find a solution. ” this Sunday in the Negev. Since then, local residents have set up a protest tent there and have pressured the RAAM to stop the work.

Commenting on what is happening, Bezalel Smotrich said: “This is what the sale of Zionism to the Islamic movement looks like. We will not forget or forgive the sellers.
You have sold the people of Israel from generation to generation. ”

MP Shlomo Karai from Likud wrote on Twitter:“ According to Mansur, what will happen is that please RAAM. The Muslim Brotherhood government led by Bennett erases Tu B'Shvat from the Jewish calendar and leaves the Negev. ”

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