Manson's ex-girlfriend drops rape allegations

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 Manson's ex-girlfriend withdrew allegations of rape

Ashley Morgan Smithline, who previously stated that she was raped by Marilyn Manson, has retracted her words.
Previously, the girl claimed that Manson tied her up and raped her while she slept, drank her blood and carved his initials into her thigh.

“I've been brainwashed and I feel disgusting,” she said at the time, attaching a photo showing her scar. But in a three-page statement filed in court on Thursday, Feb. 23, Smithline dropped her allegations, according to Variety.

She said the statements, which she first posted on her Instagram page in February 2021, were , "contained untruthful statements" about Manson, “including that there was violence and non-consensual sexual activity in our brief relationship.”

According to Variety, she also stated that there were “no brands or cuts” during their relationship, “and certainly no 'Marilyn Manson' initials carved into my body.”

Smithline also stated that she was pressured by Evan Rachel Wood, Manson's ex-girlfriend, who publicly accused him of abusing her during their four-year relationship.

The girl claims that Wood and other people, including a girlfriend Wood, Ilma Gore, manipulated her into participating in an anti-Manson ad campaign. In addition to shooting for the cover of People, Smithline appeared on the show "The View" and filed a lawsuit accusing Manson of severe sexual assault.

The lawsuit was dismissed in January after her lawyer Jay Ellwanger withdrew from the case due to a breakdown in the lawyer-client relationship.

Smithline now claims she was persuaded to make false statements after listening to stories from Wood and Esme Bianco, another of Manson's accusers.

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