Mandatory circumcision for MPs want to introduce in Parliament: “Prevention”

Обязательное обрезание для депутатов хотят ввести в парламенте: "Профилактика"

MPs demanded to circumcise

In Tanzania, the representative of the people of Jacklin Ngonyani recommended to check trimmed her colleagues-representatives of the stronger sex, as circumcision reduces the risk of HIV transmission.

The MP said that without exception, all the uncircumcised members are required to resort to circumcision. Numerous employees of the people’s choice has supported her thoughts. But a member of Parliament, Joseph Kaseko acted contrary to the prescription of Ngonyani, naimanova his “uncivilized” and “violent”.

Обязательное обрезание для депутатов хотят ввести в парламенте: "Профилактика"

HIV is seen as the main danger to the social health care in Tanzania. Approximately 5% of senior residents of Tanzania are infected with HIV, which provides Tanzania 13th in the world in the degree of infestation.

The world health enterprise (who) reported that circumcision reduces risk of HIV infection among men by approximately 60%.

Last year, Tajikistan was not allowed home circumcision. In 2016, the main mufti of the North Caucasus has demanded to cut absolutely all women in the Russian Federation.

In the last month, was kidnapped and murdered 10 children

So, the remains of four children were found in recent days around the bushes. In children aged two to ten years were cut off ears, tongues and genitals.

These crimes occurred in Tanzania, local law enforcement officers dubbed ritual. In the country still believe in witchcraft and make sacrifices.

Обязательное обрезание для депутатов хотят ввести в парламенте: "Профилактика"

“Our preliminary investigation found that these incidents are caused by superstitious beliefs,” told Parliament the Minister of internal Affairs Kanga Lugola.

Militiamen are engaged in search of criminals.

“We have already identified some of the suspects, and we will soon take action against them,” he said.

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In Tanzania so far are a real hunt on people with albinism and women with red eyes (think of the witches).

Note, the UN intends to ban advertising of sorcerers and healers. So, the organization adopted the document, which is aimed at strengthening the activities of healers and ban wizards.

“Any measures should reflect an approach based on human rights, to be comprehensive. In formulating such measures, governments should cooperate with local communities and civil society”, — noted in the UN.

We will remind, the corpse of 8-year-old schoolboy found in the sewers.

As reported Politeka, Kharkov cops found the missing girl in a neighboring country.

Also Politeka wrote that in the Lviv region disappeared, the teenager raised the alarm.


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