Manage your life! 5 motivational books about our emotional intelligence

Керуй своїм життям! 5 мотиваційних книг про наш емоційний інтелект

What should be added to your bookshelf

Emotional intelligence is awareness of one’s own feelings and managing emotions, but few people know that this depends not only success in communicating with others, but also profit. So it is with books of this review, you can learn how to use emotional intelligence in business and life.

“Pocketbook emotional intelligence: an exercise for intuitive life,” Jill Jesson

(Kh: Fabula, 2020)

Керуй своїм життям! 5 мотиваційних книг про наш емоційний інтелект

In addition to theoretical information and practical tips for developing emotional intelligence and managing your feelings in every part of this book describes a particular situation or circumstance. And they offered some practical tools: ideas, tips, tricks and techniques that will help you use emotional intelligence. After reading them, you learn to coexist with all of your emotions and wrap them to his advantage in any situation and develop emotional sensitivity and empathy.

Because emotional intelligence is not only the ability to understand complex situations and emotions and to manage them. It’s knowing how to “turn positive”, which will bring you and your loved ones the motivation, support, confidence and inspiration. “As to everyday situations – remind us – just keep this book in your purse or pocket to access it every time anywhere, if there is a need in emotional intelligence. You will discover that the tips, techniques, ideas and hints given in this book are really able to provide a sense of calm self-control, balance and vision”.

“Emotional intelligence of a leader”, Daniel Holman, Richard Boyatzis, Annie McKee

(K.: Nash format, 2019)

Керуй своїм життям! 5 мотиваційних книг про наш емоційний інтелект

In this book, experts from the emotional intelligence explain why emotions, ability to understand and empathize assist and not hinder leader to manage a team. They also focus on how to develop emotional skills of leadership in itself. Inspiration together with the triad components of emotional intelligence – confidence, self-awareness and empathy enables leaders to articulate a purpose meaningful to them and consistent with the values of their subordinates.

What gives the leader the strength to burn his work and remain loyal to the company? He creates an atmosphere conducive to creative ideas and innovation? To these and other questions can be answered in this book, reminding us that control is not only to establish processes, and create a strategy to produce powerful ideas. A true leader needs to inspire, to awaken enthusiasm, keeping people motivated and find their strengths.

“Technology EQ-BOOST. How to use emotional intelligence in business and life,” Valery Kozlov

(L: The Old Lion Publishing, 2019)

Керуй своїм життям! 5 мотиваційних книг про наш емоційний інтелект

The author of this book sure business, career, and our whole life is primarily emotional. The winner is the one who understands himself, knows how to manage their own emotions and to simulate similar emotions in others.

Therefore, if you decide on emotion, and then regret the consequences, or long weigh all the “pros” and “cons” estimate, trying to predict – and lose the chance, because you need to trust your intuition and make the decision quickly, then this book is for you. In her speech on how to use special proprietary methods business coach Valerie Gantry to raise the level of your emotional intelligence and achieve success in life and business.

“Emotional agility. How to start to enjoy the changes and to enjoy work and life”, Susan David

(H.: Family Leisure Club, 2019)

Керуй своїм життям! 5 мотиваційних книг про наш емоційний інтелект

The author of this book – psychologist, doctor of philosophical Sciences over the 20 years studied human emotions, and her advice has been used by such major organizations as the UN, world economic forum, Ernst & Young (British audit and consulting company) and others. The book is full of well-chosen real life examples. They will help you to understand how to best react to the inevitable UPS and downs.

You will learn how to accept the negativity and move forward. This book will help you to find the values that are important to you. And then to go to your goal not just because I have to or you it inspired, but because you yourself want.

For many, this book was a breath of fresh air. They have learned to convert their negativity into a positive experience, was able to improve relationships and to enjoy life. The book interested in those who resisted or ignored your emotions and then throw them out. She forced readers to think about their own behavior, because the author proves that no matter how you are smart or creative, if you are ignoring or misinterpreting your emotions, you lose the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

“Rules brain development of the child” by John Medina

(K.: Nash format, 2019)

Керуй своїм життям! 5 мотиваційних книг про наш емоційний інтелект

In this book, the author is a molecular biologist and the father of two children – destroys the myths about the brain development of the child and opens your eyes to the true essence of popular techniques, products and toys that supposedly make your baby a genius. The questions we provide answers, in fact, is important not only for women or families, but also for the whole society. What can a woman do during pregnancy for the development of your child? That more affects the future child’s genetics or upbringing? How to deal with anger and outbursts?

In the charming and funny stories the author shares his teaching experience and explains what modern science has learned about brain development. In addition, we can learn about where heredity ends and begins the education; why men would not hurt to do homework; how the instinct of attachment of the child to others; why intelligence and happiness are inextricably in your brain; that is the key to the success of the training; what to do when emotions are overflowing.

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