Man brutally murdered with his daughter: “deprived three grandchildren mother”

Мужчина жестоко расправился с родной дочерью: «лишил троих внуков матери»

Near Odessa father brutally murdered their own daughter — a mother of three children

Creepy family drama played out on the evening of 9 February in the town of Ovidiopol of Odessa region.

Eyewitnesses reported that at the intersection of Cathedral street and Suvorov, near the pump-room, a man with a knife attacked a local resident. When to a scene there has arrived police, the victim had already died from his injuries, but the perpetrator stayed with her. As it turned out, the brutal killer was his father women.

“The conflict between the deceased and her parents arose on the household soil, in the autumn of last year. Was there a meeting in the area of the pump room are planned or coincidence, hard to say. Nadia came on the Renault Clio, which belongs to her husband, who is now in sarenrae. During a call “dad” — Yuri Mindov, who twice previously convicted, suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed daughter many blows…” — say the locals.

Мужчина жестоко расправился с родной дочерью: «лишил троих внуков матери»

It is known that the victim to the last resisted fiercely, demonstrated by the numerous wounds to the arms, legs and neck. The knife was still plunging back women.

Her father after a terrible massacre were left at the crime scene, where he was detained by militiamen.

At the moment, on the scene investigations are conducted. Killer testifying in Ovidiopolsky police Department. Prepares the decision on his detention under article 208 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine.

It is known that the killed were three children. Her husband is currently on a business trip.

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Мужчина жестоко расправился с родной дочерью: «лишил троих внуков матери»

Previously, we reported that on 8 February in Kiev, the police asked the mother of the inadequate men who told her son with a knife stabbed his stepfather and fled in an unknown direction. The security forces managed to establish that on the eve of the 25-year-old man came home drunk and brought the bike.

According to the mother, the son had behaved inappropriately, and then grabbed a knife and stabbed the elderly man hit in the chest. In a course quickly-search actions, law enforcers discovered a new fact of his crime.

In particular, employees of one of the stores said that inadequate man, threatening with a metal pipe, took from the shelf a bottle of vodka and fled in an unknown direction.

Recall, teenagers severely beat a friend in Zhytomyr: the massacre was caught on video.

As reported Politeka, mother stabbed daughter and himself from a grave illness.

Also Politeka wrote that the massacre in Kiev was stunned by the cruelty.

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